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Ulrich Hofstaetter
The Hofgalerie was founded in the centre of Vienna in the early 1950s by Wolfgang Hofstätter, a famous art historian, collector and dealer. In 1989, the reins of the gallery passed to his son, Ulrich Hofstätter, who is the third generation of the family to be engaged in the fine arts business. Today, Ulrich Hofstätter specialises in the Haute Époque and maintains a particular interest in three-dimensional art dating from the Middle Ages to the 18th century.

The collection on display at the Hofgalerie focuses on European sculpture and works of art, including the very finest in Haute Époque furniture, and the gallery has been the source of pieces found in major museums and private collections worldwide.

In addition to corresponding regularly with art dealers around the globe, the Hofgalerie maintains excellent connections with international art historians and top restorers. As a result, collectors often seek advice from the Hofgalerie on all aspects of buying, selling and restoring art.

Ulrich Hofstätter offers a variety of art-related advisory services, such as appraisals and research, collection inventorying, expert restoration and bidding for clients at auction. He is interested in purchasing single items or complete collections, and also accepts artworks on consignment.